Psychological First Aid

We not only help people with humanitarian goods, but also provide psychological support, which is no less important in this difficult time. Psychological state and mental health during military operations is extremely valuable. Many people experience exhaustion, devastation, fatigue, anxiety and panic.

Each of us faces difficult and previously unknown life challenges. And sometimes it is not easy to understand how to act in this or that situation in order to keep your psychological state “afloat”.

Olena Droshchenko, Master of Mental Health, is directly engaged in this activity in our “Realis” center. She conducts helpful seminars on coping with the emotional toll of war. This is information that is important for every Ukrainian to know in order to be able to cope with stress in their lives and to know how to help the people around them.

The recording of the seminar can be viewed at the link. The psychologist’s posts are also posted on our center’s Facebook page. Do not forget to take care of your psychological health. And we will help you in this.