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Helping people integrate the reality of Christ into the reality of their everyday life.

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The Research Education and Light Center, known as REALIS, is an interdisciplinary center that trains Christian leaders and specialists and develops projects for strengthening the Christian witness to contemporary society.

REALIS came into being as a tool for building a communication bridge between the church and society and an answer to the request of several Evangelical national lead­ers from Ukraine and Russia to build a seminary for Christian leader­ship training.

Realis's three main areas of work are: education, research, and action


Realis‘s three main areas of work areeducation, research, and service

1. Education:

 8 educational programs that have graduated more than 1000 people;
 5 teachers, as well as 40+ guest lecturers from universities and seminaries in the UK, USA, and Canada.

2. Research:

We are involved in several international research projects and collaborate with researchers from 15 countries and 5 continents

3. Service:


3.1. Counseling:

 More than 5000 people have received counseling or psychological support;

 160 group leaders have been trained to provide psychological first aid.


3.2. Humanitarian help  since March 2022 in cooperation with Integra Foundation (Slovakia):

Nearly 50 large containers with humanitarian aid (food, medicine, clothes, shoes, hygiene, generators, and communication equipment) were delivered and distributed;
 Over 30 modular houses have been constructed and gifted to people;
 65 war-damaged buildings had their roofs, windows, doors, and other critical parts repaired.


Mission & Vision

Mission: to help people integrate the reality of Christ into the reality of their everyday life.

Vision: to create competent leaders, who having completed our programs, are ready to effectively answer relevant questions of society.

Help us grow leaders

Together we can prepare more Christian leaders and counselors who will become agents of hope, healing and change in families, communities and Ukrainian society in general.

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