Realis students took Craig Blomberg’s “New Testament Genres” course despite the war

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Realis students took Craig Blomberg’s “New Testament Genres” course despite the war

The course was offered despite an active, full-scale war

Andriy Meleshko, Volodymyr Bahnenko 

Professor Blomberg’s course was scheduled to start March 2022, but due to the onslaught of military attacks, the start date was pushed back. In the fall (from September until the beginning of December) Professor Blomberg gave eight lectures in which he helped Realis Christian Center’s students grasp the literary genres of the New Testament’s books, their interpretation, and their use in ministry, both personal and general. 

Курс Крейга Блумберга став особливо важливим для студентів, бо він проходив попри війну в Україні.

Craig Blomberg’s course became especially important to students as it occurred during Russia’s war against Ukraine. Photo: open sources

This course was planned as a partial combination of the New Testament and Hermeneutics courses, and was a requirement for students in the Christian Counseling and Leadership in Ministry programs. Professors from other educational institutions and ministers from churches in Ukraine and beyond were invited to take the course as well. 

For students in the Leadership in Ministry program, the importance of this course is obvious as it equips them to understand God’s Word better and apply it in ministry. But for both this group and the Christian counseling cohort, this course offered an additional element of encouragement amidst war. While our country is being attacked by enemy forces, studying the book of Revelation has proven to be especially inspiring. For this reason, the lectures on Revelation were open to all (by prior registration). 

Why you should trust the authority of Craig Blomberg 

Craig Blomberg is one of the leading experts on the New Testament, a professor at Denver Seminary, and the author of numerous New Testament commentaries and books on New Testament theology. He is also Realis’ long-time friend, supporting the Christian Center from the moment of its inception.  

Craig Blomberg is a world-class New Testament scholar.

Craig Blomberg is a world-class New Testament scholar.

The course comprised eight lectures, two for every main genre of the New Testament: the Gospels, Acts, Epistles, and Revelation. For each of the genres, the lecturer first reminded the students of the general rules of hermeneutics, then focused on specific hermeneutic principles that related to that genre, gave examples, and provided resources for independent study. Additionally, students were able to ask questions about nuances in the text and its interpretation. 


Date: 28.12.2022