Realis Started the Year-Long ‘’Leadership In Ministry” Program

Realis Christian Center is pleased to announce the start of a new online training program “Leadership in Ministry”.

The year-long course covers major theological disciplines that Christian leaders need to serve in the church: biblical theology, hermeneutics, mission of the church, ministry theology, Christian counseling and guidance, leadership, Christian ethics, and apologetics.

“The program is focused on the church of today and its witness of Christ to society,” says Sergiy Tymchenko, director of the Realis Christian Centre. “The purpose of the training is to prepare Christians for effective ministry.”

Among the lecturers are Bryan Widbin (Alliance Theological Seminary, USA), Steven N. Williams (Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland), Glen Scorgie (Bethel Seminary, USA), Mark Maynell (Langham Partnership, England), Simon Jones (Spurgeon’s College, England), as well as Sergiy Tymchenko, Andrey Meleshko and Olena Droshchenko.

The cost of training starts at under UAH 2,700 per year (check with the Realis contact person), online sessions are held twice a month on Saturdays. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a certificate or diploma, depending on the chosen academic load.

The students for the “Leadership in Ministry” program are taken in until 30.11.2020; an electronic application form is at:

You can enrol in individual courses during the academic year.

Any further questions? Contact persons from the Realis Christian Centre: Andrey Meleshko (, +380636250657), Natalia Yushchenko (, +380681973754).

Date: 19.11.2020