Class of the First Digital Theology Program

December 5, 2020, saw the first graduation of digital theology specialists in the history of Ukraine.

Six graduates received a Certificate of Achievement. This is a necessary step before writing a master’s thesis. Eleven graduates received a Certificate of Attendance (they still have to complete the course work).

A year ago, the “Theology and Digital Culture” program was launched by REALIS Christian Center in partnership with the Center for Digital Theology of the University of Durham (UK) and the Open Orthodox University of St. Sophia the Wisdom. Its main purpose was to study the impact of digital culture (in particular, social networks) and technology on society, the church, and the perception of believers. In addition, the program focuses on ways to effectively bring the Gospel to a modern generation of people who cannot imagine life without technology and digital space.

Among the lecturers of the program were Sergiy Tymchenko (Realis, Ukraine), Peter Phillips and Jonas Kurlberg (both from the University of Durham), Stephen Williams (University of Queens, Ireland), George Kovalenko (Open Orthodox University of Saint Sophia the Wisdom, Ukraine).

The program consisted of five courses: (1) Theology and Culture; (2) Digital Culture; (3) Christian Ethics of Digital Culture; (4) Mission in Digital Culture; and (5) Advanced English and Academic Research Methods.

REALIS Christian Center is currently preparing to be accredited for the Master’s program in Digital Theology.


Date: 07.12.2020