The Enrollment For Realis’ Educational Programs Has Begun!

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The Enrollment For Realis’ Educational Programs Has Begun!

The Realis Christian Center announces a new enrollment of applicants for three training courses:

Socio-political Ethics and Theology

This program examines the spectrum of theological views on Christian participation in socio-political life, the theological foundations of building a just society, the mission of the Church in society, moral questions of war and peace, and perspectives on social reconciliation and peacebuilding.

Digital Theology

This program helps understand the main features of digital technologies and transform traditional forms of ministry in light of the technical opportunities and risks of the digital age.

Leadership in Ministry

This program examines the approaches and principles of studying, interpreting, and applying the Bible to the life and ministry of a Christian leader, as well as the features of an effective Christian ministry in contemporary culture.

Some of the best specialists from Ukraine and abroad (U.K. and U.S.) will be involved in teaching these programs. Classes will be mainly online, and we welcome Christians of all confessions and denominations.

Studies begin February 12. Applications will be accepted until February 9 (if necessary, an extension can be made up until the first day of studies). The duration of the program depends on the chosen level of the program and lasts from 6 months to 2 years (adding time to write the thesis). After completing the program, students will receive either a certificate or a diploma from REALIS. For a list of the courses covered in each program, admission conditions, pricing, and contact info, please click on the specific program’s link above.

We hope 2022 equips you with new, practical knowledge for serving in the church and society!

Date: 11.01.2022