New Homes

We continue to help the residents of Irpen, who lost their homes due to the war. After all, we understand what a painful impression the war left on those people who lost everything. Thousands of families who were left without a roof over their heads are forced to start life over. The war brought only pain and destruction.

So far, my team and I have managed to set up a temporary home for a family that desperately needed it. People were able to get a temporary home. Yes, it is not very reliable, but it will be able to create a feeling of security. Of course, this will not bring back to people the home comfort and peace that reigned before the war in their native walls. But it will definitely help to survive the cold season, which is rapidly breaking into our lives.

It is very important for all people to have their own home. And to know that there is always a place to return to without any reservations. The native house can be compared to a fortress, which is able to save from any difficulties. The house is always an echo of comfort and peace.

But for more than six months, thousands of families have been forced to live in a new reality. Their home was stolen, and with it the pleasant feeling of warmth that reigned there. Therefore, the mission of our “Realis” center is to help those whose lives have been destroyed by a merciless war.