Hanna Ilnytska from Irpen: “Now our house is even better than it was before the war” All five of her children grew up in this house in Irpen. Hanna Ilnytska was born here herself, and has lived here her entire life. She cared for her bedridden mother in this house. And from this house – […]


The course was offered despite an active, full-scale war Andriy Meleshko, Volodymyr Bahnenko  Professor Blomberg’s course was scheduled to start March 2022, but due to the onslaught of military attacks, the start date was pushed back. In the fall (from September until the beginning of December) Professor Blomberg gave eight lectures in which he helped […]


Support groups help Ukrainians all over the world maintain their mental health.  Volodymyr Bahnenko One day, scrolling through Facebook, Olha (name changed) stumbled across an ad for a support group. Her first thought was, “I could actually really use some support right now.” The woman registered online. Photo is for illustrative purposes only. Photo: open […]


Alla and Victor P’yankivski from Irpen: “No matter how hard it is, we will build a new house!” Maryna Tkachenko A huge hole gapes in the middle of the P’yankivski family’s yard. You don’t even immediately realize that a house used to stand here. But this was a year ago. It was wonderful, made out […]


The story of an artist who was able to overcome despair and begin painting again  Volodymyr Bahnenko  Mila moved to Irpen in 1996, young and happy, ready to build a new life. Back then it was already a beautiful green town that was slowly expanding. Irpen always had lots of parks and squares, and more […]