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Testimonies from our clients

“Counseling helped me to forgive my father and understand that God is not like my father. I realized that I deserve love, that I don’t need to earn it.”

“Counseling is freeing me from shame and guilt. Shame and guilt, like sisters, have always followed me.”

“I am grateful to God for this time spent in counseling and for the people He sent to me. Although it is very difficult, I am ready to continue this process. I thank the counselors for their work and REALIS for this opportunity.” 

“The group sessions helped me to understand the consequences of sexual abuse and it’s impact on my life. I started to understand myself more. My attitude to people around me changed. I no longer hold myself or others in contempt. My husband no longer threatens me with divorce.” 

“I was a Christian for 8 years and thought that I loved God, but actually it was more out of fear that out of freedom. I was afraid that if I was not going to be good enough for Him, he would punish me. That‘s why I tried as hard as I could to be a very good person to everybody and to God. I was so afraid of his anger and rejection. As a result, the distance between me and people and God got bigger and bigger. I used to hide. Through counseling, my relationship with God completely changed. I felt His presence in all my pain; He was with me when I was broken and vulnerable; He restored me. Through counseling I learned to be more honest with myself, with God, with people. I have real love, acceptance, understanding, compassion, trust.” 

“Counseling helped me tremendously. I came to counseling broken because of recent disappointments with just about everything and everybody, including God. Counseling helped me to draw a line between my responsibilities and the things outside my control, to grieve the imperfection of this world, to accept myself, to forgive myself and others. Like a painting being restored, I started to see pieces of God's original design appearing from under a layer of dirt and ashes. I learned to love others better, in a less demanding and more generous way. I was able to experience God's love and hope for the future." 

“Thanks to REALIS counseling center, I was able to overcome the deep depression left by the suicide of my husband. I lived in a nightmare and guilt for 17 years. Guilt was killing me. Now, many things have fallen into place in my life. The Center helped me to understand my inner problems. The Center became a safe place where I can come and share about myself.” 

“The qualified help I received cannot be overestimated. The group The Wounded Heart helped me to see and to understand myself over a short period of time better then I had during my entire life. This was a school of love, friendship, mutual understanding and support, acceptance and a sensitive attitude toward victims of abuse. The members of my group became close and precious to me. This was a unique atmosphere of trust, where we could open up and tell about our hidden pain, shame, humiliation and helplessness. We could cry and admit bad things about ourselves, not being afraid of condemnation and rejection. We see the results of healing in each others’ lives, we rejoice together about these changes and it helps us to go forward.
      We hope the Center continues its work and expands so that more people will get this invaluable help”.