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Support our ministry

We are a small and private Counseling Center. We have no government or denominational association. So far, all of our clients’ sessions have been subsidized through grants and donations because most people in Ukraine, even in the capital, cannot afford to pay per session what it would cost to keep this center running.

In light of our structure, we are anxious as to whether we will be able to continue counseling people who would otherwise not be able to afford it. If you would be willing to support this ministry, please let us know! All donated funds are monitored by the REALIS Board of Directors and are administered by Dmitriy Slipenko, REALIS’ executive director.

Also, you can pray for our ministry. We will be very grateful for any kind of support.

Every little bit helps!

$5 can buy a book for our library, to help both counselors and clients

$10 allows us to rent a comfortable room for counseling clients for 1 day

$50 provides monthly training and seminars for our counselors

To support a specific client for one session - 37$.

To support a specific client for one month -  148$.

Although all personal information about our clients is confidential, we would be happy to send you the demographics of our clients or use your donation to support a person working through a specific issue.