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The Counseling Center was created in 2004 as a place to do internships while the REALIS Counseling Program was running. This was a 3-year educational program built on the standards of MA counseling programs in US seminaries. This level of education is unique in Ukraine and countries of the former Soviet Union.

Both the academic part and the supervised internships were based on the programs at Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando, FL), Alliance Theological Seminary (Nyack, NY), and Denver Theological Seminary (Denver, CO). All the professors were from these seminaries.

The most promising graduates of the program were invited to stay at REALIS Christian Counseling Center after graduation. Currently, they all counsel individually and some of them counsel groups. We also have clinical meetings for our counselors so that they can be more effective and supervisions with an experienced counselor, who has an MA in counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary.

From the day REALIS Christian Center opened its doors, hundreds of people were able to receive help. Many clients from the guided support groups ask for individual counseling as well. Counseling, both Christian and secular, is extremely underdeveloped in Ukraine, and, in some ways, we are pioneers in this field. One statistic that we are especially excited about is that 80% of our new clients heard about us from previous clients.